We woke up early at our apartment in Vienna and got going quick - it was going to be a long, fun-filled day! First stop, the Hofburg Palace in Vienna - family home of the Hapsburg dynasty and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Hofburg Palace is amazing, and it takes up several city blocks. We found a parking spot across the street from the main entrance and bought some tickets for the Gold Tour - a tour that included ONLY 40 rooms in royal apartments section of the palace.

Each of us got our own English-speaking electronic audio tour guides, and we were off. The rooms we toured were amazing, and the audio tour was a great way to see the rooms at your own pace. After the inside tour, we walked the palace courtyard and gardens, including the fountains and lots of life-sized marble statues. It truly is magnificent to see it all in person, and the photos do not do it any justice.

We got back to the car around 11am and got on the road for Slovakia! We arrived in Bratislava, Slovakia at about 12:30pm and found a place for lunch near the Bratislava Old Town and the Castle. Lunch was great and we followed it up with a short walk around the castle grounds, where we enjoyed an amazing view of the city and the Slovakia countryside. Bratislava is a town we would like to come back to see when we have more time... but we were only there for lunch and had to go!

We left Slovakia at about 3pm and arrived at our apartment checkin in Prague at about 6:30pm. More about Prague in our next post!!