On Sunday, we decided to take a short trip to a local Stuttgart attraction, Schloss Solitude. this palace was a vacation home for the Duke of Baden-Wurttemberg (the state in Germany where we live) who lived in the palace we already visited at Ludwigsburg. He would use Schloss Solitude as a weekend/hunting retreat and for it's namesake - to get some solitude.

The palace was small, but still very elegant and cool to see. The tour was only in German, so we tagged along and the tour guide gave us some information in English - but not nearly the details she gave the majority of the German speakers on the tour. That was OK, and we just hung around and looked at the rooms as we went through them.

After the palace tour, we decided to check out another local attraction, Killesberg Park. It's a big public park with lots of areas to play, wander and hang out. There are biergartens, amphitheaters, and even a 65-year old working steam train that gives you a tour of the place! We tried the biergarten, rode the train, and climbed the tower. It was all a cool experience and we will definitely be going back!