We departed Munich early on Wednesday morning and headed for Salzburg, Austria (lunch) and then on to Vienna, (overnight). It took us a few hours to get out of Munich after looking for a gas station and fighting morning traffic on the Autobahn. Once we got on the road, it only took us a few hours to get into Salzburg. We had planned to eat lunch in the old part (Aldtstadt). After fighting construction traffic in the Aldstadt area by the river, we finally found a place to park near the Mozartplatz (Mozart Square) in downtown Salzburg.

They were preparing for a fashion show, and the old-meets-new scene (old square, old cobblestones vs. new fashion, lights, club music) was interesting and created a cool daytime vibe during our short stay. We found a restaurant called the Stiegl Brauhaus near the train station that takes you to the top of the Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg.

We had a great lunch on the patio, overlooking the Mozartplatz and the main church. After lunch, we found some ice cream and made our way back to the car. Luckily, we didn't find any tickets on our car, and we navigated our way back to the Autobahn on the way to Vienna. On our way out of town, we passed the "Sound of Music" tour bus... a little foreshadowing for those of you coming to visit us this fall!

We arrived in Vienna at about 5pm and found our accommodations fairly easily. Unfortunately the place we had pre-arranged wasn't as great as I had hoped. It was on the 4th floor and the owner hadn't provided fresh linens. We made the best of it, took advantage of the free Wifi, and dropped the luggage and left again to go explore Vienna before it got dark. The apartment was located near the Prater Park in downtown Vienna. Prater is a year-round amusement park with a huge ferris wheel that is a landmark of Vienna. We walked around the park and found the world famous Schweizerhaus Biergarten located right in the middle of the amusement park. It look a little time to find a table, but we found some folks leaving and hovered over their table for a few minutes, and voila, we had a table! The atmosphere was cool, and the food was good. The beer was good too!

After dinner, we walked around the park some more and found some ice cream (go figure!). We made it back to our apartment around 9pm and went to bed. It was a long day!