Ronda, Cooper and I drove from Stuttgart to Munich yesterday evening. We got into town about 5:30 and found our vacation rental property in northwest Munich. The house is cool, and in a very local area of town. It has a koi pond in the backyard (with a frog!) and a cool garden and back porch area too. We dropped the bags off and drove to an area called Schleissheim, near the Schleissheim Palace. Since we were killing time, we found a parking lot and walked a few steps and stumbled on a huge biergarten. We got a pretzel and some refreshments and sat down and enjoyed the scene for about 30 minutes.

Then it was time to go to the airport and pick up Uncle Cam! After getting Cam at the airport, we found a Greek place for dinner called Poseidon, sort of near the Schleissheim Palace we were at earlier. Dinner was good - we enjoyed some Gyros, suflaki, and mixed meats and seafood. Cooper had some pasta. After dinner we went back to the house and everyone went to bed. This morning we got going about 9:30 and began our day at the Munich Olympiapark. It is the site of the 1972 Olympics, and the place is still really cool! We rode the elevator all the way to the top of the Olympiaturm (tower). From there you can see the whole city, and on a clear day you can see the Alps! Today wasn't clear though, it was rainy...

After the tower, we checked out the swim hall and the Olympic Stadium, and then took a short walk around the lake back to our parking spot.

We left the Olympiapark at about 11:30 headed for Marienplatz... in the rain. We arrived in the center of Munich, near the main plaza, called Marienplatz.

We found a parking garage and walked to Marienplatz and found a pizzeria for lunch. Ryan and Cam had pizza, Ronda and Cooper had pasta. It was a pretty good meal and we were re-charged to get back out into the rain to check out Victuals Market. We walked the short distance to the market and started looking around. The Victuals Market is a very large open air food and flower market with lots of great fresh produce, meat, cheese, wine, and some handicrafts. We found some coffee and stood under an awning for a while out of the rain, but we also had fun looking at all the different foods for sale. Ronda even found a cool little pig to add to her collection... it was still raining though. We decided to head indoors, so we walked back to the parking garage and left for the Deutches Museum. The Deutches Museum (Germany Museum) is a huge place with tons to see. They had exhibits showing engines, electronics, aeronautics, astronomy, and many other science and history-related exhibits as well.

We walked around there (indoors) for about 90 minutes until closing time at 5pm. Then it was time for dinner, but it was still raining. We decided to leave the car parked where it was and walk to dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. The Hofbrauhaus is Munich's most popular biergarten, and we got there just in time to find a table and get seated and place an order before the band started playing.

We had some beers, great food, and left before it got too crowded by about 7pm. No more rain! Then we found some ice cream and walked around near the Hofbrauhaus and back to the Marienplatz for a little window shopping. We even checked out the Apple Store at the Marienplatz. The only thing we found was some fresh fruit and Cam bought a CD at a drug store - not much else that we absolutely had to have. We got back to the car, loaded up and headed back to the house. We arrived at the house around 9pm... a long day of sight seeing, but there's more to come tomorrow, stay tuned!