I went on a work trip to London this past week. Had a great time (while I wasn’t working) in an extremely condensed three day trip. One of the first landmarks I noticed was a famous clock.

Once we found the hotel, we found our way to the Tower of London. There, we were very lucky to have had a tour setup on our behalf to observe the Key Ceremony. It was an awesome time and we got to see parts of the Tower that many UK citizens have never experienced. What an amazing experience! The red flowers are poppies. They are all hand made and represent the fallen British soldiers from WWI. Once they have created all of them, there will be over 800,000 of them. Hard to believe. But so cool to see and watch the sun set on them in the former moat of the Tower of London.

We got a chance to see the small display/museum underneath Whitehall which holds King Henry VIII’s personal wine cellar. It was really cool and we were very fortunate to tour it!

Once we were finally on our way out of town, one stop was the Liverpool Underground and Train Station. It was a madhouse!! See for yourself: