Today we went to Legoland, Germany with our friends Paul and Erin, and their sons Adam and Owen. We had a blast and recommend the trip to anyone in the area with kids. The kids in our group ranged between 2 to 38 years old and there were activities for everyone! We got there early because we knew it would get busy in the afternoon. August 1 is the start of summer vacation for German schools and lots of families take the entire month off! We wanted to beat some of the traffic to the rides and areas of the park that can get congested. As usual, our favorite exhibit was the Star Wars one. We took lots of photos, and Cooper even tried to strike a pose with Darth Maul. Darth Vader was his favorite though. Yoda was a close second.

Cooper also had a good time on the race cars. Ronda took a video of his first solo trip around the track. It took a while for him to get the hang of the gas pedal and the turning, but once he got it, he was very impressed with himself. Too bad the ride lasted only a few minutes. Check out the video below:
Uh oh, it looks like your embed code is broken.

We also rode a few water rides including a Pirate Ship water canon ride! Here we are on a much tamer ride in a boat going around the boat race track.

Another favorite of Cooper’s was the train that took us around the park. Here’s one of of Ronda and Cooper on the train and a few more of him at legoland:

Legoland was awesome - highly recommended for kids of all ages!