Today we went to Lake Constance, on Germany's southern border with Switzerland and Austria. The drive took about 1:45 and it was free of traffic the whole way. The drive south was very beautiful, and because of the recent (and constant) rain, the fields and forests were especially green the whole way. It was a nice drive.

We got to the city of Konstanz, Germany at about 12:30 and found a parking garage easily. We parked, marked our spot, and got started walking toward the pier. It was pretty busy for a Sunday, but there was a lot to see, and the sidewalks and pier was wide enough so we weren't bumping into one another too badly. We walked to the end of the main pier in Konstanz, and took some photos of The Imperia statue on the main pier in the harbor of Konstanz. It is a pretty cool statue that rotates 360 degrees every 4 minutes.

Once we were done on the pier, we walked back onto shore and walked along the boat docks to check out all the vendors that had set up for a Yacht/Boat Show. It was cool to see all the vendors and check out all the sail and motor boats docked in the harbor. We passed a big biergarten where a band was setting up, but there wasn't any space in the shade (it was very warm in the sunshine!) for us and our stroller, so we kept walking. We went all the way to the end of the vendor area and turned around and by the time we got back to the biergarten, the band had started and people were already dancing... they really like to party here.

We found a table on the patio at the restaurant/cafe across the street and got settled in enjoying the music from a distance. we ordered a beer and started checking out the menu. For lunch, we I got the surf and turf, Ronda got the "fishsteak (AKA salmon) and pesto, and Cooper got a man-sized bowl of penne with marinara sauce. We also got an appetizer tray of meats and cheese and pickled/smoked veggies. It was another great meal and we were lucky to have a great spot in the sun to enjoy some people watching on the lake!

Once lunch was over, we walked around and checked out the rest of Konstanz near the harbor. There was a park with a cool kids play area, a beach area where people were wading in the lake, a museum, and a lot of manicured shrubs and very old trees. We also went into the cobblestone street town area where there were a lot of folks eating on patio cafes. There, we found a cool fountain that had a pirate-looking statue and a foot-pool with rabbits and squirrels spitting into the pool. Sort of weird, but kinda cool too.

We found an ice-cream shop along the way and had some ice cream as we walked back to the car. We found the car and got out of town quickly, thanks to our handy GPS.

We had planned to check out the Swiss side of the lake during our trip, but once we passed through the customs checkpoint, we realised that you need a special sticker to drive on the Swiss Autobahn. Since it was late in the day, we decided to call it a day and drive home. So, we spent a whole 90 seconds in Switzerland this trip! Check it off the bucket list! We will be back.