We haven’t made a trip in a while, so we decided to take advantage of the MLK Holiday to take a day trip to Frankfurt. Our first stop was Chipotle! A little taste of home that we can’t get in Stuttgart. Chipotle is in a huge mall in downtown Frankfurt, so we walked around a bit in the mall. The weather was pretty chilly, around 35 degrees, so we got our hats and gloves and decided to take a walk in the Aldtstadt (Old Town) area near the Römer. We found a parking garage and started walking…

We found a bridge where many people before us had decided to leave "locks of love," fairly common to seeing big cities in Europe. Still a cool concept, and we want to get some locks of our own to leave places we visit!

Then we walked around the downtown area and then found St. Paul’s Church. It is completely renovated after being destroyed in WWII. The church was surprisingly warm inside compared to others we’ve been in around Europe. The organ was also really cool looking - Ronda commented that she wouldn’t want to be the one responsible to clean the pipes! There was a lot of exposed shiny steel.
After the church, we made our way make to the van, and drove home - a short day trip complete!