On our way home from Berlin, we had pre-planned to make a stop at the Polish Pottery Shopping "mecca" of Boleslawiec, Poland. The drive from Berlin into Western Poland was interesting to say the least. The roads were awful, and the weather was not cooperative. Lots of wind and rain.

Once we arrived into the town of Boleslawiec; however, the clouds parted and we had a few hours of sunshine. Of course the first thing we did was find somewhere to eat! The restaurant we found was in an old bed and breakfast that was just opening up for the day. We were the only ones in the place and had a good time trying to pronounce the Polish words with the good-spirited waitress. I had a Chicken Pot Pieā€¦ it was yummy!

After lunch, Ronda, Tina and Brandi got their fill of Polish pottery shopping, and filled all the empty spots in our van as best they could with prizes from Poland.

The drive home was much like the drive to Poland - mixed with rain, wind, hail, and more rain. When we got home, I was happy to discover that despite all the potholes and twists and turns, none of the pottery had been damaged. Mission accomplished.