I had a work trip to Barcelona in early June and it worked out that Ronda and Cooper could come along. We had direct flights in and out of Stuttgart so getting there was pretty easy. We didn't waste any time there and saw as much as we could. The sights we visited included the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Casa Batlló, Park Grüell, Arc de Triomf (the Barcelona version), the Barcelona Aquarium, and we even squeezed in a trip to Andorra!Our hotel was centrally located so we had a great access to public transportation as well as the hop on hop off bus! That big egg-shaped building is called the Torre Agbar - A 38-story “skyscraper" that was near our hotel.
Casa Batllo (below) is probably one of the most famous tourist destinations in Barcelona - and we could see why! It’s another famous work of art by Gaudi, there are no straight walls or 90-degree corners in this house. Completed around 1906, the artwork and architecture combine for a one-of a kind must see piece of art! The roof is shaped in such a way that it looks like there is a sleeping dragon up there, Cooper liked that part.We spent a few hours at the Sagrada Familia Cathedral (below). It is an enormous cathedral that has been under construction since the early 1900s. They expect to complete it by 2025… we’ll be back for the grand re-opening! This thing is gorgeous. Stained glass and amazing pillars that bounce the light everywhere.Here (below) are some photos we took at Gruell Park - well known for its walking paths, great views, and its archways inspired by Barcelona native Atnonio Gaudi.
While we were in Barcelona, the city’s football team won the European Championships. The actual match occurred in Berlin, Germany, but the entire city was electric after the win. Then, two days later, we got to see the victory parade and all of the players on top of the bus - confetti, streamers, dancing in the streets! It was amazing, and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime moment for us!
The food was fantastic, the architecture was beautiful and the people were very friendly. There is so much to see and do in Barcelona that we know we will go back! I’ve also created a Flickr photo album for our Barcelona trip, you can see those photos here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/54322500@N00/968x42